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Welcome to Woolcock Research Participation

The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and the Woolcock Clinic have over 200 medical researchers and doctors working to uncover the causes of diseases and to find the best treatments.

You have arrived at our Research Participation home page. Our researchers are always looking for people with lung diseases or sleep disorders to participate in research studies. They often also need healthy people without these conditions.

Through this web page you can:

  • Find out about our current research studies and perhaps participate in one of them
  • Register your interest as a research participant for current and upcoming research studies
  • Sign-up to our newsletter and receive updates about our research studies that are underway and about our research findings from completed studies

Current research studies

Browse our current research studies at the Woolcock through the below link. If you find a study that interests you and you want to volunteer as a participant then you can register your interest through the particular study link.

Over the last 28 years we have completed more than 200 research studies

Register your interest as a research participant

We understand that you may not have time to browse our current research studies or you may not find any that interest you at this time. If this is the case then you may wish to consider registering your interest as a research participant with us for the future. If you register for research with us, our researchers will look at the information you provide and if they think you might be eligible for a study they will be put in contact with you. You can always unregister at any time in the future if you are no longer interested in participating in research.





The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research recognises the importance of your personal information and privacy.Click here to read our full Privacy Policy.